Our clients include a wide range of businesses from corporations, to universities, to nonprofits, including:

The American Bar Association (ABA)

University of Chicago School of Medicine

Northwestern University

Drury University Honors Program

A Red Orchid Theatre

Uptown United/Uptown Chamber of Commerce

Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce



PrimeCare Community Health

The Carrington

Centro Romero

Deaf Service Center

National LGBTQ Task Force

...and many others

what clients are saying


Consulting services

"You've helped give us direction in an uncertain time, and you've encouraged us to take this moment to grow and become a better iteration of ourselves."

- Associate Artistic Director

"I particularly like how you broke down the recommendations into Intermediate, Mid-Term and Long-Term. Positioning these in the context of Programming and Donor/Patron Experience makes total sense. You can't have one without the other."

- Nonprofit Board Chair

"When the Flanders announced our retreat would be "improv" style I wanted to leave...I am so glad I stayed and participated in each activity. It took me out of my comfort zone. There was no pressure to do anything you didn't want to do, but we all did it. I learned a lot about others and about myself. I loved every minute of it. The Flanders are amazing people. They made us all feel very comfortable."

-Teresa F., Board Member

“Josh is a great fundraiser, who is extremely well organized. I recommend him highly.”
– Bill Hansen, CEO

“Josh is a sincere and effective fundraiser…his strong work ethic is contagious.”

– Nancy Goldenberg, Development Director

“Students gained skills in communication, leadership, and creativity…the students were closer and more willing to take risks in their classes. The workshop Josh and Sheri led was a stunning success!”

– Richard Schur, Professor and Honors Director, Drury University

"I enjoyed the day immensely!"

- Andrew Perlman, Dean, Suffolk Law School

“Laughing for hours, fantastic connections, and exposing yourself in ways you never thought possible? What are you waiting for?!”

– University Student

“Where were you my first year of law school?!”

- Lawyer, ABA Center on Innovation