Josh Flanders has worked in the nonprofit industry for 20 years as a founder, Executive Director, Development Director, and Board member. He holds a Masters from Northwestern University and a BA from UW-Madison.

Josh began his career working as a high school English teacher. He quickly progressed to working in the nonprofit sector by founding the Chicago Institute for the Moving Image (CIMI) and the Festival for Cinema of the Deaf, the first of its kind. During his career Josh oversaw development of film festivals throughout N. America, London, Moscow, Milan and Toronto. Josh has worked for world-renowned film festivals and nonprofits such as the Miami International Film Festival, Chicago International Children's Film Festival, NFTE, and Guitars Over Guns. In these capacities he has worked with clients like AT&T, Disney, HBO, Hot Topic Foundation, JP Morgan, Knight Foundation, Lexus, MacArthur Foundation, MasterCard, Mercedes Benz, Miami Dade College, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, Northern Trust, Poetry Foundation, Polk Foundation, and others. In 2019, he joined Compass Pro Bono as a Project Lead, inspiring business professionals to engage with their local nonprofits to transform communities.

Josh is a speaker and performer, as well as a graduate of comedy and music studies at The Second City Conservatory in Chicago. As a member of the American Theater Critics Association, his writing has been featured in the Chicago Reader, PerformInk, and Chicagoland Musical Theatre.

Sheri Flanders is a senior level business professional with a deep wealth of experience in management and the arts. As an owner of Flanders Consulting, she helps businesses grow, creating a road map for future success through traditional methods and improv-based innovation workshops. Her work in the corporate sector in fashion design and creative project management includes international retailers such as Perry Ellis and Claire's Boutique Corporate offices, and in the nonprofit sector working most recently with Lookingglass Theater to grow their institutional portfolio.

Sheri is a performer and speaker who is a graduate of, and is an instructor at the prestigious Second City Training Center. A member of the American Theater Critics Association, her freelance writing has been featured in McSweeney's and the Chicago Defender, and she is a theater critic for the Chicago Reader, Rescripted, Performink, NewCity, Chicagoland Musical Theater, and Windy City Times. Sheri has performed at the Engaging Women Conference, been a guest on Vocalo Radio's Morning AMp Council of Feminist Thought show, and was a panelist for the Inside Jokes Comedy Conference hosted by Women In Comedy. Sheri holds a BFA in Fashion Design and is represented by NV Talent.

Kimber Russell is an attorney specializing in employment discrimination and a 2008 graduate of DePaul University College of Law. Kimber is Vice-Chair of the Chicago Bar Association's Alliance for Women, and has served as co-chair of the Women's Bar Association's Marketing Committee, and a member of the Professional Women's Club of Chicago's Special Events Committee. As Social Media Manager for Kaplan Bar Review, Kimber created and implemented social media strategies across all active platforms for the company. As Discovery Consultant for BlueStar Case Solutions, Kimber also partnered with lawyers and law firms to enable them to navigate the increasingly complex world of electronic discovery.

Kimber is an improv comedian, trained at Second City and iO Chicago. She is a frequent speaker and presenter on subjects ranging from using improvisational techniques for corporate training, sales, innovation, networking, business development, and easing social anxiety.

Flanders Consulting is backed by a comprehensive team of web designers, lawyers, accountants, and business professionals to help execute any and all projects that an organization may choose to outsource.

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